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We assure the output to be of best quality and also at a great affordable offer for cheap retouching services. The best professional look of an image is achieved after the process of photo retouch. And it is also one of the most complicated and sophisticated photo manipulation techniques. If not done properly or perfectly, it would really give a drastic change to the outcome of the image and this could consume more time and it is not something people would want to use professional photo retouching services.
Why should you take all the irritation and hassles? Image Editing HQ is here to help you with the best assistance with photo retouching services. We have more than 50 skilled and experienced retouchers, working 24 hours and six days a week around the clock to support you at time of your need.

Why Hire Us for Cheap Retouching Services?

  • To Remove all Skin Imperfections by Retaining Natural Texture of Skin;
  • To Wrinkles/Creases on the Dresses where Needed;
  • To Clean Flyaway Hairs (if require).

high end photo retouching services

Different Classification of Image Retouching Services

1) Headshot Photo Retouching Services:

Professional Headshot Retouching Services
♦ Headshots retouching is normally acceptable if the thing being altered are not one of your permanent features. For example, minor make-up or hair malfunctions can often be taken care of without and significant impact of the “authenticity” of your photo.
♦ Whatever you can get with natural looking make-up should be the point to which any skin discolorations, moles or spots should be retouched.
♦ Wrinkles identifies the age you show, not essentially your biological age! You may look older or younger than you are. Your true age doesn’t matter. It is how you look that does. As such, wrinkles and signs of age are an important part of headshot retouch process.

2) Portrait Photo Retouching Services:

digital headshot retouching service

3) Product Retouching Services:

product retoucher

Our professional product photo retouching services will give better view of your product images.

  • If you want to remove Dust, Dirt, Scratches, Pin, Clips etc., try our product retouching service;
  • This service also the best option to fix the Creases.
  • This service also the best to fix the Lens Glare, Removal of Unwanted Elements, Removing Excess Fabric, Re-Shaping the Products and more.

4) Jewelry Retouching Service:

Jewellery Photo Retouching Services
♦ Jewelry retouch in particular can be difficult issue as it has to be processed manually and with precise concentration. Plain things like the direction of the item, the polish of the metal or the shine of the jewel can be the deciding issue which could be handled by Jewelry retouch process or Photo retouch service.
♦ With the latest and advanced jewelry photo retouching, one can work on any existing photo and give it a new, pleasing, and an elegant look by simply eliminating several flaws or bad color blends of the diamond like dullness, spots, bad color combination, and poor contrast from the image. It can also help with the changing of the photos background to make it more prominent.

• Wedding Image Retouching Services:
♦ Eliminating unnecessary stuff, noises, grime, blotch, and other flaws in pictures needs retouching method to improvise into the ideal image.
♦ To attain excellence, each picture should be neat and without any noises with the cloning technique.
♦ Color correction / wedding photo retouch service is very helpful for taking out unnecessary items, maintaining the balance of the picture, and fixing the flaws.

FREE TRIAL now our professional photo retouching services.

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