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Looking for Amazon photo editing services to change the background, retouching and re-size the images? At Image Editing HQ, we have highly experienced 100 + Retoucher’s to complete any volume photo editing service within your require time.

Amzon Image Editing Services is one of the largest online shopping mall to sale products, available for millions of small, large and individual online business owner. And it is been growing since ever it started its journey. This ecommerce website is a very important section for doing business and various goods transaction.

As the business is mostly based on the image of products and goods, has its own rules and regulations for the image to be uploaded. And it is mandatory for all categories of product image upload. Our Amazon photo editing service is an excellent service we provide to various product photographers, small and large enterprise.

Amazon Product Image Editing Services

Product Image Requirements for Amazon Photo Editing Services

amazon photo requirements

amazon clothing image requirements

amazon photo requirements

We are a professional product photo editing service provider. As a result, we help you maintain all the necessary rules and regulations of, like the image format required, the size and resolution.

1) The usual formats accepted by Amazon are TIFF (.tif/.tiff), JPEG (.jpg/.jpeg), GIF (.gif) and PNG (.png). Other format like PSD (.psd), PDF (.pdf), EPS (.eps) or any other format are not allowed to be uploaded. Our expert graphics designers are well aware of the formats required for you to use your product image in the website.

2) Other thought to be kept in mind is the resolution of image in pixels. The minimum size required is to keep the pixel resolution 1000 pix or higher in both width and height. This is to avoid the image from blurring out when any customer zoom the image; any image below this resolution is not accepted for upload in the website.

3) Another point to be noticed is the color management or setting, Amazon accept the international color setting like sRGB and CMYK, with a plain white background RGB (255-255-255), and these image manipulation of changing the background white and a little touch of drop shadow or natural shadow is available in our Amazon photo editing service.

remove background service provider

We also fix the color of the product image if the specific color doesn’t match the original product. And this helps the client to choose their favorite colored product.

4) Amazon website has another requirement for the file name of the product image. The image file name cannot include and dash or space, rather they have their own guideline setup for the file name. The file name usually consists of product identity and some various codes to make it easy to sort out their product list. The format of file naming includes Amazon ASIN, 13-digit ISBN, EAN, JAN or UPC (example:-D000987456.JPEG / 059874653218.tiff).

Our Amazon Photo Editing Services:

  • Remove the background for Amazon from any photos
  • Quality masking (special care for hair and fuzzy photos)
  • Re-size the photos as per Amazon’s standards (1000 pixels or larger)
  • Amazon photo retouching: Find our eCommerce photo retouching sample images here
  • Ghost Mannequin/Neck Joint/Hollowman/Invisible Mannequin Service

Invisible Mannequin Photoshop

  • Color correction (Contrast adjustments, Light balancing etc.)

It is an important task to follow the rules and regulation of, as it helps them to identify and monitor the product very easily. Other important point to be noted, the pictures of the product should be of high quality with perfect color of the product or object. Using false or enhancing the color too much might lose the clients interest in respective products. And uploading perfect color of image not only helps the client to choose properly their desired product but also helps to maintain a good reputation of individual company.

Hire us for any type of Amazon photo editing services. For big or small any no of images. We have 100+ photo editors team, as a result we can ensure 6, 12 or 24 hours turnaround time.

FREE trial today for Amazon photo editing service here at and we will take care of your photo and all you have to do is just upload the image in Amazon webpage.

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