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Looking for freelance photo editing rates there is no alternative of Image Editing HQ South East Asian based professional photo editing company offers freelance photo editing services for global clients at a competitive price.

Cheap Freelance Photo Editing Rates

We offer freelance photo retouching rates per image basis, and can also dedicate a full-time resource for your image editing project (for large project or a long-term requirement). Freelance photo editing rates are offered to freelance photographers, ecommerce companies as well as professional studios. Keeping in mind varied image editing and budgetary requirements of our clients, we have created elaborate pricing structure. You might charge by the day, by the image, by the product or by something else entirely. Because of the variations in pricing structures, the way you charge for outsourced tasks varies as well.

We mostly edit photos on a per image basis. Please have a detailed look at our pricing structure for better understanding.

Our Freelance Photo Editing Service System:

We Work on Per Photo Editing Rate:
The prices are decided on per image depend on multiple factors including, terms of contract, complexity of the project, and volume of work. The photos themselves could be a flat rate, while the editing would be a flat rate per image. Price can vary one for raw images, one for edited images.

Not Hourly:

We work on per image rate not hourly. Our basic photo editing rates (per hour) are nominal, and you can contact us to know the exact pricing details for customized editing tasks.

Our Freelance Photo Editing Rates

freelance photo editing rates
Freelance photo editing rates varies on the image editing requirements. The exact price of the photo-editing services you use can vary greatly, depending on the vendor/contractor, complexity of the image editing, volume of images and how quickly you need the edited photos back. For get an idea about our prices you can check our freelance photo editing price list.

a) Freelance Photo Editing Price List

1) Clipping Path Rates (Simple image starting price USD 0.39/per image):

Image Editing HQ is the one of the most competitive Photoshop silo service provider offer basic clipping path service at 0.39/per image. We use “Photoshop pen-tool” to ensure the highest level of quality output as per client’s that are by made or create here at competitive price. All your photo editing needs are met efficiently, with the highest quality at a price you can afford.

2) Background Removal Service Price (Simple image starting price USD 0.49/per image):

To give your photos a professional look there is no alternative of background removing services. Freelance photo editing rates for image background removal service starts at USD 0.49/per image that is lowest in the market.

b) Freelance Photo Retouching Rates per Photo (Simple image starting price USD 0.99/per image):
We offer freelance photo retouching rates per image that starting form $0.99 for basic retouch. This type consists of all common issues that basic retouch may require. That is an essential minimal of wide-spread improving tools and that makes this service be considered as cheap photo retouching. Mostly it deals with facial features improving. Retouching price varies on level of complexity and the time required completing the job. We offer only reasonable freelance retouching rates that definitely reflect the level of our editing expertise. If you were looking for professional retouch for cheap and reasonable price, you are at the right place. All you need to do just provide us the clear instructions which should be fixed. Every retouching service has distinguished it from other editing types. We are offer cheapest prices for basic retouch and the most expensive rates are offered for high-end retouch that is also stay at affordable level can satisfy you need.

Turnaround Time:

turnaround time for image editing service
In many retouching companies people cannot find a satisfactory combination of quality, cheap photo retouching and amazing turnaround. Our turnaround time are
1-6 hours;
12 hours;
24 hours.
Freelance photo editing price list can affect its turnaround time. We are also capable of handling images on urgent basis. .

In order to produce the best possible images for your website or online store you can either spend a lot of money hiring a professional photographer or a little bit of money on a photo retouching service. We offer discounts for Bulk images. Extra editing will be done for free if you have additional recommendations for corrections.

Trial images for FREE and being satisfied with the output contact with us to know the freelance photo editing rates. However, in order to get an accurate freelance retouching rates we need to know exactly how you want us to manipulate or edit your images and the quantity of images to estimate the complexity of your specific photos.

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