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Amazon product image requirements
Amazon product image requirements are based on the principle picture is worth a thousand words. Some studies suggest that the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. Simply speaking, the product image is your first chance to land the sale in Amazon, because the image you include in your listing is the first impression a customer gets about your product.
Amazon is a giant marketplace with which millions of customers are connected. Buyers and sellers from all over the world come forward to shop and sell at this online store. Amazing discounts are offered to the customers and also the product images are designed in an awesome way to appeal them. To survive at this giant platform, there is no alternative to follow the Amazon image guidelines.

Amazon Clothing Image Requirements:

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• Clothing images must be photographed on model or flat (applicable for both women and men)
• Women’s & Men’s Accessories like scarves, belts, hats, ties & cold weather accessories must be photographed flat.
• photograph flat while adding all kids & baby items
• Products like apparel, lingerie, and swimwear should not be sexually explicit or obscene.

Amazon Product Image Requirements:

Amazon has a specific set of image guidelines which are to be followed by every seller. So few Amazon image guidelines are here to be followed which will help the buyers to identify the features of the product in a proper way.

Image Guidelines:
Main Image: The main image is displayed on the product page where all the details are added. Sellers have to add this image with a redirect on the full size picture when any buyer clicks on the main image.

Alternate Images: To show the different angles, sizes, colors, fabrics etc. alternate images are used. The seller is free to add up to 8 images to demonstrate the product in a better and clear manner. These images appear in the pop up window when someone clicks on them.

Recommended Formats (Technical Requirements):

Product images submitted to Amazon must meet the following technical specifications.
• TIFF, JPEG/jpg, GIF and PNG format.
• Images pixel dimensions of at least 100 or larger in either height or width preferred.
• sRGB or CMYK color mode.
• File names must consist of the product identifier (Amazon ASIN,13–digit ISBN, EAN, JAN or UPC)
• JPEG, PNG, TIFF and GIF files are supported at the portal and also the size must be 1000 px or larger. RGB or CMYK color mode is recommended for a nicer view.
• Any watermarks, borders, logos, text or ghost mannequins are not allowed and the background should be of white color with 85% of the frame filled with the product.

Other Guidelines:
Other image guidelines include well lit and professionally shot pictures. To represent the product at Amazon, the seller should focus on smooth edged pictures with proper realism in them. Fake products, offensive goods and watermarked items are forbidden to upload on the Amazon site.
Also, if the images are too big, the seller should crop them to fit the recommended image size i.e. at least 1000 px till 2500px. Since, bad or distracted backgrounds are not supported, only white background is allowed to keep the whole site consistent.

Photos of your item must meet the following requirements:
The photo must be of, or pertain to, the product being sold. The photo with realistic color and smooth edges must be in focus and well lit, pure white backgrounds are recommended to upload the photos. Gratuitous or confusing additional objects must not contain in the photo. Photo’s supports and shows Pornographic and offensive materials are not allowed to use. Images larger in size are allowed to Cropped or use as a close-up photo. Environments and Backgrounds are allowed here.

Amazon photo editing service can help you to focus on your business by saving time and leave the photo editing hassle to us. We edit product photos professionally to comply with Amazon’s photo editing requirements.

Our Amazon photo editing service included but not limited to

Background removal and replacement pure white (RGB 255,255,255).
• Cropping out 85% or more of the image so that the product fills the frame.
• Resize the image to 1000 pixels or larger to enable Amazon’s zoom function.
• Color correction to help your product images pop.

Our team of Amazon image editors has access to advanced photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop, using which they enhance the quality of your product photos and provide visitors with the exact view of the product. All the rules and regulations for Amazon are well-known to us and we can edit your photos while you sit back and to concentrate on grow your business.

Amazon Photo Editing Service:

Product images must be great in order to boost on your sales on Amazon. Good images can increase the sell of a product. We professionally edit product images within 0-24 hours. You have just a few seconds to capture your visitor’s attention and convert them into a lead. Image Editing HQ has the expertise to help you entice the buyers and compel them to complete the purchase through clear, bright and attractive product images – augmenting product sales and conversion figures by a huge margin. Amazon photo editing service we offer includes background change/removal, cropping, resizing, image masking, retouching and much more.

Get a FREE test now to justify our Amazon image editing standard.

Amazon product photo requirements is an opportunity to reach with your product to your customers by allowing to include up to eight product images in each listing (one main image and up to seven supplemental images). It is in your best interest to use each of these slots to provide the customer with as much information as possible about your product. When considering what kind of images to include, think about how your customers will use the product and what they would want to know. Please don’t include duplicate or repetitive images, but use original image only to get a good feedback.

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