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We assure the output to be of best quality and also at a great affordable offer for cheap retouching services. The best professional look of an image is achieved after the process of photo retouch. And it is also one of the most complicated and sophisticated photo manipulation techniques. If not done properly or perfectly, it would really give a drastic change to the outcome of the image and this could consume more time and it is not something people would want to use professional photo retouching services.
Why should you take all the irritation and hassles? Image Editing HQ is here to help you with the best assistance with photo retouching services. We have more than 50 skilled and experienced retouchers, working 24 hours and six days a week around the clock to support you at time of your need.

Why Hire Us for Cheap Retouching Services?

  • To Remove all Skin Imperfections by Retaining Natural Texture of Skin;
  • To Wrinkles/Creases on the Dresses where Needed;
  • To Clean Flyaway Hairs (if require).

high end photo retouching services

Different Classification of Image Retouching Services

1) Headshot Photo Retouching Services:

Professional Headshot Retouching Services
♦ Headshots retouching is normally acceptable if the thing being altered are not one of your permanent features. For example, minor make-up or hair malfunctions can often be taken care of without and significant impact of the “authenticity” of your photo.
♦ Whatever you can get with natural looking make-up should be the point to which any skin discolorations, moles or spots should be retouched.
♦ Wrinkles identifies the age you show, not essentially your biological age! You may look older or younger than you are. Your true age doesn’t matter. It is how you look that does. As such, wrinkles and signs of age are an important part of headshot retouch process.

2) Portrait Photo Retouching Services:

digital headshot retouching service

3) Product Retouching Services:

product retoucher

Our professional product photo retouching services will give better view of your product images.

  • If you want to remove Dust, Dirt, Scratches, Pin, Clips etc., try our product retouching service;
  • This service also the best option to fix the Creases.
  • This service also the best to fix the Lens Glare, Removal of Unwanted Elements, Removing Excess Fabric, Re-Shaping the Products and more.

4) Jewelry Retouching Service:

Jewellery Photo Retouching Services
♦ Jewelry retouch in particular can be difficult issue as it has to be processed manually and with precise concentration. Plain things like the direction of the item, the polish of the metal or the shine of the jewel can be the deciding issue which could be handled by Jewelry retouch process or Photo retouch service.
♦ With the latest and advanced jewelry photo retouching, one can work on any existing photo and give it a new, pleasing, and an elegant look by simply eliminating several flaws or bad color blends of the diamond like dullness, spots, bad color combination, and poor contrast from the image. It can also help with the changing of the photos background to make it more prominent.

• Wedding Image Retouching Services:
♦ Eliminating unnecessary stuff, noises, grime, blotch, and other flaws in pictures needs retouching method to improvise into the ideal image.
♦ To attain excellence, each picture should be neat and without any noises with the cloning technique.
♦ Color correction / wedding photo retouch service is very helpful for taking out unnecessary items, maintaining the balance of the picture, and fixing the flaws.

FREE TRIAL now our professional photo retouching services.

First-Rate Ghost Mannequin Service

  • ghost mannequin service

Looking for a brilliant way to make your apparels/garments looks professional and beautiful. No worries, here we are, Image Editing HQ with the best ghost mannequin service, also known as neck joint service. For years, Image Editing HQ is offering many outstanding offers in picture manipulating service, out of which ghost mannequin service / neck joint service is one the best service among other services. With over 50 professionally experienced and skilled image editors in the office, we are here to offer you the best affordable service ever.

Neck joint service manipulates to cut out the cloth from mannequin body leaving the background white and also reveals the labels or tags which are not visible when on the body. This is a very helpful way to broaden up business for magazine editors, garment merchandisers, jewelry photographers and many other product photographers. Image Editing HQ offers the best and fast neck joint services with best cheapest price, and with a best quality output.

Invisible Mannequin Photoshop

► The basic process of neck joint service is to detach the clothing or fabric from the body, this process helps garments manufacturer to show their product tags and other details about the fabric or product. And give a much more professional outlook.
► Image Editing HQ has best fixing solution for you, neck joint services the procedure of removing a fabric from a mannequin body and gives a much more professional outlook to the image.
► This service is not only used for fabrics or clothing on mannequin, it is a great useful process for product photographers.
► Product photographers taking pictures of jewelry can use this procedure to enhance the beauty of whole ornament or jewelry to something very unique output.

It is not often, a dress or clothing looks nice, or beautiful when on displayed on a doll, the expression is very dull on viewed on screen, hence ghost mannequin service is the best procedure to detach the garment from the doll and reveals the uniqueness of the garment individually, without making the mannequin as a part of distraction .
Generally the procedure is to take few photos of the product from different view point and then neck joint service process is completed with aid of digital computer software.

Essentially of Ghost Mannequin Service

► Improves the outlook of the garment clothing individually rather than being a diversion. Now a days, neck joint service hugely use in the apparel industry.
► Improves and enhances any photographed product with beautiful outlook and professional look.
► This service helps to hold the shape of the product as it is, without showing a disordered figure or structure.
► Magazine editors can use this neck joint service to apply better quality image in their magazines.
► Shows the label tags and other features of the company and product.
► Describes any product individually.
► Commercial photographic image look better look.

Order now for a FREE TRIAL SERVICE, check out the results of your image after Neck Joint Service to ensure great quality outlook.

DIY Remove Background Services Tutorial and Why this Service is Essential?

DIY Image Background Removal Tutorial

Example Images

  • background removal service
  • background removal service 2
  • background removing service
  • remove background services

We are for you to provide professional remove background service. Everybody adores a flawless and excellent vision of anything around us, furthermore cherishes to see a picture or picture with clear and sharp engaged subtle elements inside it, with a decent foundation. Be that as it may, there are times where we don’t care for the typical foundation and think to change it.

Background change service is most popular and one of the frequently require service in the world. So,  Image Editing HQ has the quick fix solution to remove the background for any size project. With more than 100 professional qualified designers from around the state, we are here to help you remove the background from an image.

Why Remove Background Service is Essential?

Photoshop Cutout Services

♦ The basic process is to change the background of an image which has a dull perspective to something much more beautiful eye catching background, which will make the subject in the image more prominent and professional.

♦ On the other hand it is also possible to change or take away any existing background and leave the background transparent effect; this process can also be used in professional business or other activities.

♦ The process of removing a background from an image can be crucial most of the time, if the image is filled with noise and other blurriness. It is also difficult to work on an image with solid or white background, as the smoothness of the object could get deformed and destroy the look of the actual image.

Background Change Services

♦ Image Editing HQ, an established firm, has the solution for all the image editing complications you come over in daily life with your image. Best qualified and expert designers are on the clock 24×6 to meet our client satisfaction, with removing background from image by the help of clipping path service company Image Editing HQ.

♦ Remove background image service could be your solution to many complicated images which needs a professional look for your business.

♦ Removing background from image is one of the less complicated photo editing process known to our designers, this kind removing white background from image helps many people with their business to grow bigger and faster.

♦ So, why wait another moment thinking what to do with images with shallow background, contact us and we will guide you and help you get the best out of all your images with image background remover service.

♦ Trying to change or manipulate the back without professional graphical knowledge could destroy the image both with quality and outlook.

Why Image Editing HQ for Image Cutout Service?

♦ Over 100 highly experienced and creative team of photo editors work 24×7 in handling clipping path, picture remove and retouching service.

♦ We ensure you with best quality outcome of image background removal service.

Product Photo Editing Service

♦ We have our customer support alert all day long for you to tell us about your requirement and demands.

♦ We guarantee for the best result output of our clients demands and requirements.

♦ We server thousands of client worldwide and have achieved a very good understanding of our clients requirements and needs with the best service of background removal service.

We offer a complimentary FREE TRIAL SERVICE for our customers, to ensure the quality and outlook of the image cutout service.

8 of Them Take Outsource Photo Editing Services – Photo Editing Company

  • Outsourcing Photo Editing Services

We are Image Editing HQ, our professional and experienced editors offer all kinds of outsource photo editing services. Our photo editing company has already provided professional photo editing services to various companies. Most of them are very delighted. We have the confidence of giving you the high-quality service at the lowest cost within committed time.

Have a Look!
• Are you tensed about editing your photos and thinking of getting the service of outsourcing images?
• Are you tired of doing image editing and now looking for image editing outsourcing services?
• Do you need outsource image editing services on a daily basis and looking for an editing company who is trustworthy?
Are your editors not very much skilled or asking for the higher payment and to get rid of that you looking for the high-quality yet cheap priced outsource image processing services?

What We Offer ?
• We offer all kinds of photo editing outsource services. Our editors are always ready to serve you with any kind of services.
• If you want to reshape or repair your images, you can take our outsource images services.
• Our professional photo editors are committed to giving a professional look to your ordinary photos. So you should choose our outsource photo editing services.
If you need your photos to be edited within a short period of time, our best Photoshop services online can help you.

8 Types of Identity Take Our Outsource Photo Editing Services

High End Jewelry Retouching Services

E-commerce Companies – If you are looking for a freelancer logo designer for your e-commerce company, we can provide you the most qualified editors at the cheapest cost.
Photo Editing Companies – We have a team of freelance graphic designer who works for various photo editing companies.
Real Estate Companies – Our freelancing graphic designer team will give a professional look to your photos and you can use that for your business purpose to gather some extra revenue.
Professional Photographers – Our company is one of the best photo editing companies for photographers.
News Reporters and Magazine Editors – If you want to hire a freelance photo editor, try our service. Our expert editors will do all those works you wish for.
Product Photographers – We offer various kinds of photo editing service for photographers. So product photographers take our service on a daily basis.
Professional Photo Editors – If you are a professional photo editor, you are welcome to take our service and save lots of time and effort.
Others – All other people who are related to photo editing can take our outsourcing photo editing services.

What You Will Get If  You Choose Us for Professional Photo Editing Services?

Player Photo Editing Services
Low Cost – We provide clipping path outsource services at the lowest price. Our price starts from only $0.39.
Experienced Editors – Our experienced editors are expert in providing the outsource image clipping services.
Free Trial – If you want to be assured about the quality of our works, our photo editing company offers the free trial option for you.
Continuous Service – We are not tired until you are satisfied. We have three shifts of working where different editors work.
Regular Price Cut – If you give us an order for the large amount of editing, we will offer you a decent price cut.
Occasional Price Cut – We offer many kinds of occasional discounts. If you choose our freelance photo editing service, you will get price cuts on Christmas day, New Year’s Day etc.
No Time Wastage – Your photos will edited as fast as possible by our expert editors. So our freelance image editing service does not need extra time.
Easy Ordering and Paying System – Our ordering and paying system is the easiest. So you will not face any kind of trouble.
Maximum Privacy and Security – We provide you the maximum privacy and security.
Partnership Facility – If you are interested, we are ready to be your partner.
50+ Full Time Professional Editors – We have 50+ full-time professional and experienced editors who work with great dedication.
10+ Quality Checkers – We run a team of 10+ quality checkers who always try to keep the high-quality of outputs.
1000+ Images Each Day – We process 1000+ images each day. So you can easily understand the speed of our work.
Certainty of High-quality and Satisfaction – Are you concerned about the quality of output and satisfaction? Then choose us! We give the highest priority to these facts.

3 Steps to Get Outsource Photo Editing Services
Upload – Upload your photos.
Editing – Professional Editors always ready to edit.
Download – Done! Now download your photos.

Reasons You Need Professional Image Editing Services

  • photo background removal services
  • image background removal services
  • product retouching services
  • headshot retouching services

Do you really need professional image editing services or the automated editors are ‘OK’? Well, if you prefer automated editors, you’ll never know what you have missed! We have a fully professional team of image editing service provider who is always ready to edit your images at the cheapest cost and give them a true professional look. Decision is yours! Automated ‘random’ look, or true ‘professional’ look!?

Facing These Problems?
• Want to edit images, but automated tools don’t satisfy you?
• Want to give your images a professional look, but failing to do it in a professional way?
• Need to edit images on a daily basis for business purpose, but workers charge high fees for average or low quality outputs?
• Failing to maintain and manage the tasks of editing images?

Our Professional Image Editing Services are:

Who Needs Professional Photo Editing Services

Photographers –If you are involved in photography, such as: Wedding photography, Fashion photography, Wild photography etc. we can help you for image editing.
Photo Editing Agencies –Our editors provide all kinds of services to photo image editing companies and agencies.
Photo Editor – We provide image photo editing services for all kinds of photo editors.
Ecommerce – Our raw image editor is always here to offer professional image editing services to any person from e-commerce field.
Event Management Company – We provide various kinds of editing services to many event management companies.
Others –Our expert editors also provide others, such as – News reporter, Magazine editors, Personal users, Business firms etc.

What Makes Us Different?
• Exceptional Discounts are offered on exceptional days that are special to you, such as – Christmas Day, New Year etc.
• Endless Service we provide, so whenever you need us, we are always here to serve you.
• Freebie Trial option is usually taken by the new users. We offer it because we have the confidence about our works.
• Low-priced Service we offer for you. Our price is starting from only $0.35 (USD).
• Price Reduction is another quality that makes us different. If you order for a large number of editing, we reduce the cost.
• 50+ Full-time Editors who always try to edit your photos with their experienced hands and give them the perfection.
• 10+ Quality Regulators are kept busy checking out whether the editors are doing their work properly or not.
• 1000+ Images in a Single Day we process that proves how fast we work to keep our commitments.
• 100% Guarantee of Quality, Satisfaction and Privacy we provide with full confidence.
• Joint Venture we can offer. Are you interested?
• On Schedule Delivery of your desired images is assured.
• Trained and Knowledgeable editors can give you that outputs which an automated process cannot.
• Easiest Ordering and Paying System always we ensure so that our clients don’t have to face any trouble.
• Fast and Secure Data Transfer we provide you.

Automatic Image Editors Vs Our Professional Image Editing Service Provider


automated vs professional photo cutout service

Automatic Image Editors Our Professional Image Editing Services
-It usually takes Much Time. -Our service obviously takes comparatively Lesser Time.
-It is Unable to Fulfill All Your Requirements. -Our service is Capable of Fulfilling All Your Requirements.
-It always provides Average or Low Quality Outputs. -We are always committed to provide High Quality Outputs.
-It’s a Complex Process to deal with. -It’s the Easiest Process to get your photos edited.
-It always offers the Ordinary Look to your photos. -Our service gives the Professional Look to your photos.

So if you want to get the best image editing services at the cheapest cost, just hand over your tasks to us. We’ll take care of them.Contact us to turn your images into PROFESSIONAL IMAGES at the LOWEST PRICE within a SHORT TIME. Go on and take FREE TRAIL if you are not satisfied yet!

Simplest Process of Editing
 Upload – First of all, upload your photos to our website.
 Editing.
 Download –OK, done! Now download your pics.