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  • ghost mannequin service

Looking for a brilliant way to make your apparels/garments looks professional and beautiful. No worries, here we are, Image Editing HQ with the best ghost mannequin service, also known as neck joint service. For years, Image Editing HQ is offering many outstanding offers in picture manipulating service, out of which ghost mannequin service / neck joint service is one the best service among other services. With over 50 professionally experienced and skilled image editors in the office, we are here to offer you the best affordable service ever.

Neck joint service manipulates to cut out the cloth from mannequin body leaving the background white and also reveals the labels or tags which are not visible when on the body. This is a very helpful way to broaden up business for magazine editors, garment merchandisers, jewelry photographers and many other product photographers. Image Editing HQ offers the best and fast neck joint services with best cheapest price, and with a best quality output.

Invisible Mannequin Photoshop

► The basic process of neck joint service is to detach the clothing or fabric from the body, this process helps garments manufacturer to show their product tags and other details about the fabric or product. And give a much more professional outlook.
► Image Editing HQ has best fixing solution for you, neck joint services the procedure of removing a fabric from a mannequin body and gives a much more professional outlook to the image.
► This service is not only used for fabrics or clothing on mannequin, it is a great useful process for product photographers.
► Product photographers taking pictures of jewelry can use this procedure to enhance the beauty of whole ornament or jewelry to something very unique output.

It is not often, a dress or clothing looks nice, or beautiful when on displayed on a doll, the expression is very dull on viewed on screen, hence ghost mannequin service is the best procedure to detach the garment from the doll and reveals the uniqueness of the garment individually, without making the mannequin as a part of distraction .
Generally the procedure is to take few photos of the product from different view point and then neck joint service process is completed with aid of digital computer software.

Essentially of Ghost Mannequin Service

► Improves the outlook of the garment clothing individually rather than being a diversion. Now a days, neck joint service hugely use in the apparel industry.
► Improves and enhances any photographed product with beautiful outlook and professional look.
► This service helps to hold the shape of the product as it is, without showing a disordered figure or structure.
► Magazine editors can use this neck joint service to apply better quality image in their magazines.
► Shows the label tags and other features of the company and product.
► Describes any product individually.
► Commercial photographic image look better look.

Order now for a FREE TRIAL SERVICE, check out the results of your image after Neck Joint Service to ensure great quality outlook.

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