Ecommerce Image Editing Service to Get Great eCommerce Photos

Ecommerce Image Editing Services

A product image plays a very important role for an e-commerce business where development of the business largely depends on image quality. If you want to increase your e-commerce product sale, then there is no alternative of ecommerce image editing service. We are here to provide high quality e-commerce product editing service for any online store or for the online marketplaces like as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, AliExpress etc. Outsourcing product photo editing service is essential for every online business to generate more revenue and impress your visitors with great product pictures in cheap rate.

Why Ecommerce Image Editing Service?

To Show the Products: The presentation of the product image has a very strong effect over the customer’s mind and influences their buying decision based on the product image; whenever they visit a company website. So, the product images must be eye-catching and gorgeous. As concerned on e-commerce images, it’s worth hiring the professionals to edit your images.

High End Jewelry Retouching Services

To Highlight the Benefits: Customers, who visit websites investigate on the benefits of the product and eventually buy it. So the product images and information pages which appear online are very important. We can help you in presenting these images and information in a manner that your products will be compelling and turn your visitors into buyers.

To Show all Colors and Styles: Color is very important for an e-commerce product image. In a website, one product is shown on different available Colors and style for better understanding. It is an important task for viewing your product in different style and available color to attract your customers.

photo color correction services for photographers

To Reduce Returns: E-commerce image editing service can reduce the return rate of your images. Image editing companies follow the work instructions of their clients and try to meet their work standard; that satisfy’s their image editing needs and consequently reduce the return rate of the images.

Our Recipe to Get Great eCommerce Photos

1. Background Changing: A great photo may lose attraction because of its improper background. Removing the background from a product images is an essential edit. In our product image editing services we remove unwanted background from an image and set it on a new background to give it a perfect look for attracting your customers.

Outsourcing Product Photo Editing Services

2. Ghost Mannequin / Neck Joint / Hollowman / Invisible Mannequin Service:

Invisible Mannequin Photoshop

3. Size and Resolution: Our product image editing specialist can crop, resize and process large quantities of images. Our e-commerce image editing team can edit images ready to upload on the web and pay attention to the image dimensions, size and resolution and file format.

4. Zoom functionality: When a buyer try to judge and want to see the details feather of an image zoom function is used. It works best when the images are in high Resolution.

5. Alignment and Margins: In E-commerce website has an aligning standard which is required to setting up the product with proper margin and aligning. In our ecommerce photo editing service maintaining image quality we crop the image and resize it into an exact dimension so that it satisfy the customers viewing experience. Beside that if you want some margin around the photo; we can do it for you.

6. Shadows: shadow is the result of light reflection. Our expert team can re-create and edit the shadow and give the shadow more realistic effect for e-commerce product photography at affordable price. Remove the background and keep, adjust or add natural, reflection, and drop shadows that will increase your product’s appeal.

7. Color: Sometimes during product photography, Photographers leaving the actual color behind comes with dull color. Here you cannot avoid color change/correction for e-commerce product images where our specialist team will do it smoothly following your instruction. We can do the adjustments or corrections as needed so that the product image looks natural.

8. Retouching (Removal of Dust, Dirt, Scratches,  Reduce Wrinkles/Creases from the Products and More):

ecommerce photo retouching services

After product Photography based on the customers and viewers requirements the images needed to be retouched. Most often the products are retouched to remove the dust, dirt and scratches to help your product look more attractive. We provide retouch and enhancement service for all types of e-commerce product photos.

Ecommerce product editing service is already gained high reputation in the Image Editing services area. We can edit your ecommerce product photo by following your instruction. We are well-known for our work quality and also help you gain productivity at a reasonable price. We can assure that your product image will be gorgeous and eye-catching that will help you to gain profit in selling e-commerce product online.

For DIY ecommerce photography tips, you can follow this post.

Get special price for volume and regular ecommerce image editing services jobs.

Amazon Product Image Requirements: How to Edit a Photo that Meets Amazon’s Requirements

Amazon product image requirements
Amazon product image requirements are based on the principle picture is worth a thousand words. Some studies suggest that the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. Simply speaking, the product image is your first chance to land the sale in Amazon, because the image you include in your listing is the first impression a customer gets about your product.
Amazon is a giant marketplace with which millions of customers are connected. Buyers and sellers from all over the world come forward to shop and sell at this online store. Amazing discounts are offered to the customers and also the product images are designed in an awesome way to appeal them. To survive at this giant platform, there is no alternative to follow the Amazon image guidelines.

Amazon Clothing Image Requirements:

ecommerce photo editing services

• Clothing images must be photographed on model or flat (applicable for both women and men)
• Women’s & Men’s Accessories like scarves, belts, hats, ties & cold weather accessories must be photographed flat.
• photograph flat while adding all kids & baby items
• Products like apparel, lingerie, and swimwear should not be sexually explicit or obscene.

Amazon Product Image Requirements:

Amazon has a specific set of image guidelines which are to be followed by every seller. So few Amazon image guidelines are here to be followed which will help the buyers to identify the features of the product in a proper way.

Image Guidelines:
Main Image: The main image is displayed on the product page where all the details are added. Sellers have to add this image with a redirect on the full size picture when any buyer clicks on the main image.

Alternate Images: To show the different angles, sizes, colors, fabrics etc. alternate images are used. The seller is free to add up to 8 images to demonstrate the product in a better and clear manner. These images appear in the pop up window when someone clicks on them.

Recommended Formats (Technical Requirements):

Product images submitted to Amazon must meet the following technical specifications.
• TIFF, JPEG/jpg, GIF and PNG format.
• Images pixel dimensions of at least 100 or larger in either height or width preferred.
• sRGB or CMYK color mode.
• File names must consist of the product identifier (Amazon ASIN,13–digit ISBN, EAN, JAN or UPC)
• JPEG, PNG, TIFF and GIF files are supported at the portal and also the size must be 1000 px or larger. RGB or CMYK color mode is recommended for a nicer view.
• Any watermarks, borders, logos, text or ghost mannequins are not allowed and the background should be of white color with 85% of the frame filled with the product.

Other Guidelines:
Other image guidelines include well lit and professionally shot pictures. To represent the product at Amazon, the seller should focus on smooth edged pictures with proper realism in them. Fake products, offensive goods and watermarked items are forbidden to upload on the Amazon site.
Also, if the images are too big, the seller should crop them to fit the recommended image size i.e. at least 1000 px till 2500px. Since, bad or distracted backgrounds are not supported, only white background is allowed to keep the whole site consistent.

Photos of your item must meet the following requirements:
The photo must be of, or pertain to, the product being sold. The photo with realistic color and smooth edges must be in focus and well lit, pure white backgrounds are recommended to upload the photos. Gratuitous or confusing additional objects must not contain in the photo. Photo’s supports and shows Pornographic and offensive materials are not allowed to use. Images larger in size are allowed to Cropped or use as a close-up photo. Environments and Backgrounds are allowed here.

Amazon photo editing service can help you to focus on your business by saving time and leave the photo editing hassle to us. We edit product photos professionally to comply with Amazon’s photo editing requirements.

Our Amazon photo editing service included but not limited to

Background removal and replacement pure white (RGB 255,255,255).
• Cropping out 85% or more of the image so that the product fills the frame.
• Resize the image to 1000 pixels or larger to enable Amazon’s zoom function.
• Color correction to help your product images pop.

Our team of Amazon image editors has access to advanced photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop, using which they enhance the quality of your product photos and provide visitors with the exact view of the product. All the rules and regulations for Amazon are well-known to us and we can edit your photos while you sit back and to concentrate on grow your business.

Amazon Photo Editing Service:

Product images must be great in order to boost on your sales on Amazon. Good images can increase the sell of a product. We professionally edit product images within 0-24 hours. You have just a few seconds to capture your visitor’s attention and convert them into a lead. Image Editing HQ has the expertise to help you entice the buyers and compel them to complete the purchase through clear, bright and attractive product images – augmenting product sales and conversion figures by a huge margin. Amazon photo editing service we offer includes background change/removal, cropping, resizing, image masking, retouching and much more.

Get a FREE test now to justify our Amazon image editing standard.

Amazon product photo requirements is an opportunity to reach with your product to your customers by allowing to include up to eight product images in each listing (one main image and up to seven supplemental images). It is in your best interest to use each of these slots to provide the customer with as much information as possible about your product. When considering what kind of images to include, think about how your customers will use the product and what they would want to know. Please don’t include duplicate or repetitive images, but use original image only to get a good feedback.

Photoshop Hair Masking Services to Remove the Background from Hair Images

Hair masking service is useful for models and human images with raising and flying hairs, animals with raising hairs.

The masking technique is imposed where complicated things like hair is coming where clipping path cannot be applied for cutout the background of this image. For taking an image out from its background ensuring the shape of the image remains untouched image masking is best process. This is very popular tool among the photographers who want to set their image on variety of background.

Hair Masking Services Best for:

Model Images:

Fashion Photo Editing Services
Fashion photography has the highest demand of masking procedure process. Pictures of models go through a masking procedure to make it more attractive and give it a professional look for display or exhibition. Masking gives the viewer a clear view of the models hairstyle and also other features like skin tones and expression. Image masking is best suits for model images where there is a lot of hair, fur or thread detailing remains. We offer hair masking service to such client who finds it difficult to extract out the strands of hair of any model in perspective to a textured background.

Headshot Retouching:
headshot retouching services
Headshot photos are basically used in corporate purpose. Masking is frequently used for enhance the quality of headshot photo, also used to edit the hair from the background. We serve many clients around the world with image masking techniques to bring out the best quality of an image. Image masking services can create your headshot photo into something very artistic by manipulating with different effects. To beautify any picture into a stunning artwork there is no alternative of image masking.

Sports and Group Images:

Background Removal Services
Not every sports picture looks the same and neither does all group photographs. Masking is great tool to beautify any image. Editing group photographs is a hard job if the proper technique is not known, especially the facial portion and heads portion. Taking the advantage of hair masking service is various clients and sports fan around the world can get a stunning outlook of their image and cherish their memory for a long time.

Animal Photos:
Photoshop masking services best suits for wild life photographers have a keen observation around the natural animal kingdom can take the advantage of masking process to reveal detailed form of any dog or cats. Using image masking service various designers and artist can manipulate any kind of animal and birds images. With the help of Photoshop masking service you can modify any animal or birds image into much more beautiful image, the sharpness of the furs and also could reveal the true beauty of the animal in an image.

The whole team of our hair masking services is very dedicated. We have the most skilled, professional and passionate designers for editing the pictures those who concentrate in every detail during editing a picture or image to make sure that the editing is perfect. We ensure the best quality masking service within the shortest time. We can ensure that the quality of the work we deliver will satisfy you.

Automated Vs Professional Image Cutout Services

  • quality shadow making services
  • photo background removal services
  • product shadow making services
  • Photo Cut Out Services
  • Photo Cutout Services
  • photo cutout services
  • Professional Photo Cut Out Services

Hello there! So you are looking for professional image cutout services, right? OK, but here’s a confusion now! Is ‘free’ automated photo cutout services OK, or ‘priced’ professional photo cut out service better? We guess you already know the difference between ‘OK’ and ‘better’! We are going to focus here what you will get from a professional service and what you are losing by using an automated system.

Are You Having these Needs?
• Want to cutout your photos, but can’t find a way to give it a professional look?
• Have to do photo cutout works on a daily basis, and looking for a professional team to help you out?
• Do you have a photo editing company or you work in it, and want to have a image background removal services for that?
• Are you a professional photographer, and want to avoid the complicated works of editing, such as picture cut out?
• Are you tired of doing image background removal services?

Sports Image Editing Services

Why Remove Background Services Important in Photo Editing?

The photo background removal service has identified as the most popular photo editing service to enhance the quality of an image. Background removal service is important for removing the unwanted, annoying or irrelevant background and places it on the most suitable or required background to make your product photos look attractive and catchy.

Image background removal technique helps to replace the original background with white reduces the size of the images ensures the faster upload of images on website. Famous online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Rakuten, Alibaba, Walmart, etc. require the display of product images on white background.

Background removal service is important for Catalogs, technical documentation or user manuals also. Using this service you can remove irrelevant subjects from the image and you will have clean, consistent looking images free of distractions. If the background is removed and properly adjusted, this will not only make the photo look more appealing, but you will be able to bring the focus back to the desired subject what really matters in your business.

This service will help you to add additional features, Remove undesired items or objects from background thereby giving the images the intended visual effect while editing the image.

To Attracts Clients: People shop online can’t touch your products. Images are the first thing that attracts the target buyers easily by creating the bridges to remove the gap of the absence of a physical appearance between the customer and the product. Only by seeing your product photo people will decide whether they want to buy it or not. Without professional photo editing, nobody will have the best and good looking photos on their website. Professionally edited images appear more attractive and help consumers to get full knowledge about the product. Photo editing can also help to increase the scope of your business by drawing attention of your clients.

High Quality Pictures Increase Sales

To Generate More Sales and Revenue: Photo editing companies offer professional photo editing services which are the key elements of boosting the sale of online business. A properly edited image can easily catch the attraction of a buyer. The high-quality images can attract the right clients and increase the performance of an e-commerce business. Photo Editing plays a significant role to make the image of your product for e-commerce sites engaging and attract more buyers to generating more sales and revenue. Professional photo editing increases the overall quality of your images by making the most ordinary pictures look extraordinary.

Product Photo Editing Service

Automated Vs Our Professional Image Cutout Services

Our team always ensure 100% manual Photoshop clipping path that draw by the help of Pen Tool. As a result, we always ensure best quality background change images.

automated vs professional photo cutout service

Automated Photo Cutout Services Professional Photo Cut out Services
-It always gives Average or Low Quality Outputs. -This service always provides the High Quality Outputs
-It always gives an Ordinary Look to its photos. -This service always gives a true Professional Look to it.
-It needs Much Time if you want to edit a large number of photos. -Our service needs Less Time as lots of editor’s work here and they obviously boost up the speed of work.
-If you choose this system, it will be surely a Complex Process for you to edit lots of photos one by one and manage them. -This service offers you the Easiest Process of photo editing. Upload, pay and download, as simple as that!
-It’s Unable to Fulfill All Your Requirements as it cannot follow all your instructions. -Our service is always Capable of Fulfilling All Your Requirements. That’s why we are professional!

Our Cutout/Background Change Service Available for:

Amazon Image Editing Services, ecommerce image editing services
Photo Editing Services for Retoucher's
image editing services for Photographers
Photo Editing Services for Agency

Why Image Editing HQ?

professional photo editors
high volume photo editing services
turnaround time for image editing service

Our Strengths
• High quality outputs at the lowest price. Starting from only $0.39.
• Discounts offer for regular and volume job
• 24×7 Support, Service. We are always there whenever you need us.
• Free Trial option. If you want to see the quality of our works without spending a single penny, that’s possible now!
• 10+ Quality Controller always monitoring editor’s works to ensure the quality of outputs.
• 100% Guarantee of Satisfaction and Privacy we provide.

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14 Reasons Why You Need Professional Photo Editing Companies

  • drop shadow making services
  • photoshop background removal services
  • quality shadow making services
  • high end jewelry photo retouching services
  • ghost mannequin services
  • color correction services
  • professional headshot retouching services

Hello there! Today I’m going to present you a fact that tells you whether you need professional photo editing companies or not! OK, let’s confess. Most of us are stuck between free automated photo editing and paid professional photo editing company services. So which one is better for you, and why? Let’s find out!

What Professional Photo Editing Companies Offer

#100% Hand Drawn Clipping Path:

deep etching services

# Background Removal, Shadow Making, Retouching:

professional photo editing companies

Hair Masking:

Player Photo Editing Services

Color Correction: To fix the color or create new product by using a new color.

color correction services

– Most of the image editing companies offer the professional services that an automated process cannot provide.
– Professional photo editing company provides almost all kinds of photo editing. So you need to pick up which one suits you!
– Most of the professional photo editing companies have an expert team of photo editing professional editors who edits photos on a daily basis.
– If you want to outsource photo editing, you should go for a photo editing company.

14 Reasons Why You Need Image Editing HQ
– We have a team of 50+ Full-time Editors.
– 10+ Quality Controllers to check the quality. So, don’t worried about the quality of outputs, forget that!
– Our editors process 1000+ photos each day. That’s why we are one of the best photo editing company, according to our clients.
– We assure you the 100% Guarantee of Quality and Privacy. We never compromise in case of them!
– Offering the Cheapest Price possible because we are an image editing company India. Our price starts from lower then other service provider.
– We accept your challenge! We offer you on time delivery facility!
– Our editors have experience. They have edited lots of photos in their lifetime.
– Easy ordering process and flexible paying system. So you will be comfortable for sure!
– Fast and Secure FTP server. This is our commitment to our clients.
– Interested about Partnership? We are waiting for you here!
– Yes, we offer Discounts. Do you want to get some price-cut by ordering a large number of editing? We are ready!
– Who doesn’t want to get Special Discounts on special days like occasions? So we offer these type of discounts.
– Offer 24 hours and 6 days Service. So whenever you need us, we are there!
– Want a Free Quote? OK, contact us. We don’t charge any money for trial!

Look at the List, We Serve Them!
Retoucher’s – Providing services to the photo editors on a daily basis. If you want to get the service, just let us know for your professional photo editing companies.
E-commerce – Are you a person from E-commerce field? Welcome! You won’t regret if you take our service.
Photographers – Photographer? OK! So you need to do editing stuff daily, right? Just hand over these works to photo editing companies for photographers, simple!
Photo Editing Agencies – If you are from a photo editing agency, just give us a call for your professional photo editing companies! We will edit your photos at the lowest price. It will save your money and effort.
Real Estate Industry – Are you from a real estate company? Now just browse our services to find out on which services you need or prefer!
Event Management Company – An event management company always needs a team of professional editors. Our expert editors can make your event successful by providing professional services!
Others – We are professional photo editing companies to all those people or institution who are related to photo editing. So if you are one of them, just try our services!

Simple 3-Step Process
Step 1 – Upload
Step 2 – Editing
Step 3 – Download

14 Reasons to Choose Our Professional Photo Editing Services

  • Professional Photo Editing Services

Are you thinking, “Should I spend money to take the professional photo editing services, or the ‘free’ automated services are OK?” Then we want to tell you, “Dear one, you don’t even know what you are going to miss!” Our expert professional image editor team is able to provide you outsource image editing services extraordinary qualities and facilities that you cannot expect from an automated process.

14 Reasons to Choose Our Professional Photo Editing Services

remove background service provider
#1. Cheapest Price is our specialty. Image Editing HQ Starts from just $0.39.
#2. Discounts are another reason to choose us, because we believe in maintaining a long-term relationship with our clients.
#3. Special Discounts are offered on special days, such as – Christmas Day, New Year etc. We care for you.
#4. 24×6 Service is available here. We are always ready to provide you the best service.
#5. Free Trial and free redo service is also available here. Try our service FREE before you pay for it!

Background Change Services
#6. 50+ Full-time professional retouchers are employed here who edit thousands of photos each day. They are experienced and experts.
#7. 10+ Quality Controller work here on a daily basis as we are professional photo editing company for photographers, Retoucher’s, ecommerce companies, Amazon, eBay, Shopify sellers and more.
#8. 1000+ Images Each Day our experts edit. We hope you may understand the speed of our editor’s work!
#9. 100% Guarantee of Quality, Satisfaction and Privacy we provide to our clients. So you don’t need to worry about anything!
#10 On Time Delivery is another commitment we make to you. We won’t delay, note it!
#11. Experience is the root of quality outputs, and our experts have that!
#12. Easy Ordering and Flexible Paying System also encourage our clients to involve.
#13. Fast and Secure Data Transfer is a plus point for you! You don’t have to face any kind of trouble here.
#14. Joint Venture option is open for all kinds of image editing and retouching services. You are always welcome here!

The Necessity of Professional Image Editing Services for Photographers:

After photo shoot you might need a photo editing company to give a professional look to your photo, no matter which category of photographers you fall into. Even if you are a great photographer, may not possess the skill to edit a picture correctly. On the other hand, talented photographers, who have the skill of photo editing, find it time-consuming.

Our image editing services for photographers will fulfill your dream to extend your business. If you want to grow your business, you must pay attention to photo shoot only. But you cannot pay your attention to your business growth unless you put aside the editing tasks and hire a professional photo editor to get the job done for you.

Consideration While Choosing a Photo Editing Company:

At the time of choosing a photo editing company, you must consider how good the company is in communication as a professional company is never inactive in communication. Good companies are always ready to response a client’s query. If you don’t get quick response after asking a query, then you have to realize that the company is not the right one.

A professional photo editing company provides excellent services and follows deadlines strictly and never compromise with the deadline and work quality. So, if you want to find out a good photo editing service provider test them with a small project. If they can serve you with best outcome within deadlines, then you can consider the company for your upcoming big projects.

If you are not satisfied yet, try our FREE TRAIL option to check the quality of our photo editing service.


Product Photo Editing Service, Retouching, Color Correction for E-commerce, Photographers, Agencies

Product Photo Editing Services & Retouching:

Product photo editing services now become more popular in our modern world. Now a days most business sectors is based on eCcommerce sectors so the website is mostly designed with images. This service mostly rely on Photoshop which most of the people think. But there are lots of other things too which can create central attraction in photo editing and they are clipping path, background removal, shadow making, retouch, color correction, neck joint etc. It create central attraction to the viewers. If for an example Amazon is a highly e-commerce based company where they have to show good quality of pictures in the website. If the product looks fine the picture then the people will find interesting about the product and they will buy it. Most of the people are now joining in this sector but image retouching and editing is not an easy task, more skills are required in this but what actually people are looking for is the picture quality and the for the training process people can be guided by any professional photographer. The main thing is required mostly in here is the creative sense about the image. Photoshop editing services like retouching, shadow creating can also be teaches from online video but most useful and effective one is to learn it from any professional photographer personally about eCommerce image editing.

Ecommerce, Amazon, eBay, Shopify Photo Editing, Retouching Services:

Amazon Image Editing Services, ecommerce image editing services

E-commerce photo editing services now become more popular in all over the world. The first question that comes every bodies mind why e- commerce industries choose photo editing services as their marketing process. Because it will create efficiency not about the company but also about the product which creates a position in the market. For this the main thing which is really required is the approach, how a person approach his first step in the photo editing services in e- commerce because they have to make their client happy .They have to show their skills which is required by the clients and they have to prove that they can actually achieve their customers expectation by showing their skills in the work field. Now a days if any e- commerce site can create a market position and still hold it in the market is because of their image quality. They are unable to touch or feel the product but the picture quality is so good that the person is bound take out his credit card and buy the product. This are the main reason why many people use ecommerce photo editing services.

Some Product Photo Editing Services Provided by Image Editing HQ:

# Image Clipping Path Services:

Clipping Path drawn in Photoshop with Pen Tool in order to remove or replace or cut out the background from an object. Anything inside the part of the picture will be included and outside the path will be omitted after the image clipping is applied. Image Editing HQ is the best station for

♦ Simple,
♦ Complex,
♦ Super Complex and
♦ Multi Path Services

# Color Correction/Recolor Services:

Sometimes the existing color of the product is not pretty much suitable, so it become necessary to use some color change which is known as color correction.

# Product Retouching Services:

Professional Photo Retouching Services

It means putting some extra things with the product but does not mean to change the whole thing just to make more beautiful product photo editor services uses retouching.

# Remove Background Services:

amazon photo editing service

Sometimes studio background images are not so perfect for the picture, in here background image removal take place, it removes the current background image and put something new which is more suitable. You can get
White Background
► Transparent background and
► Any Custom Background services

# Shadow Making Services:

Drop Shadow Making Services

It is used to create the shadow of the product, so the image could be more realistic. You can get:

Crease/Wrinkle Removal Service: Smoothing with retaining original texture.

Liquify wrinkle removal services

When people looking for products to buy, they want and need to see photos to help them make a buying decision. If you have set your ecommerce website correctly but not your listings all of your efforts will go vain. Providing your visitors with clear photos of what you sell can make or break your business. Offering so much alternative and improper description can also destroy your business. So when you are listing your products to sell you should provide a clear and detailed description. Product Photos should display clearly and from several different angles gets more clicks and generates higher visitor engagement. After someone clicks your photo, it should provide more textual and optical information will be more convincing. Moreover photos from different angles that show a more detailed view of a product creates further engagement. So it is absolutely obvious that photos play an important role in making sales, and best quality product photos should be displayed on your website in proper order. Finally you need to find the right solution for your photo editing needs so you can organize it in a way that you will have top quality photos, at the time you need them in affordable prices.

Product Photo Editing Service

Why Professional Product Image Editing Services?

To Give Better Look the Dull Images:
At present most of the online business website is designed by using product photos. If the product photos looks attractive then the buyers shows their interest to buy those products. Most often customers, avoid visiting the sites with dull or low-quality product images. Useful and cost-effective product could remain unsold, because of the low-quality and gloomy/dark images, buyers may misconception about the product and tend to pass through those products quickly while browsing. Luckily, we can handle poor quality images to make them platform-ready with the help of advanced technology. You can take advantage of our service to take your E-Commerce to the next level.

To View the Fancy Products:
When a buyer visits an online store, the first thing that catches his notice is visual of the product. If the visual of the product gain his attention, he shows interest for the product. So it’s important showcase the product images brightly, sharply and smartly as people tend to order which looks better and attractive. Buyers of fancy products focus on the look of the product images. While selling fancy products, to catch customers’ attention it is wise to display attractive high quality images of the product. Here photo editing is the key allows you to manipulate the image to be eye-catching and tempting to increase the sale of fancy products.

As the Saying goes, ‘A picture worth a thousand words’. Now a days people are getting more creative and try to create the market position in different way and there comes the photo editing services .In here people will get impress by the outlook of the site. For this purpose professional image editing services has been introduced. It creates a new era in market promotion. Store owners now can easily enjoy our FREE Trial option for product photo editing services.

Guide to Beautiful Professional Product Photography

  • Professional Product Photography

Professional product photography editing services.

Have you ever wondered why the burgers or steaks you see on brochures, even when they’re set on a somber background, look absolutely ravishing? Or why products on online shops basically jump out of the screens with their sharp and beautiful colors, but when you receive them, they look pale and not as pretty? Unlike those big restaurants, food chains, or online shops, you don’t have to hire a professional photographer to produce pictures of your products with the same quality. Let this ultimate guide to beautiful professional product photography show you how.

Be Prepared! Organize! for Professional Product Photography

Prepare a list of the products you have to take pictures of, including any angle you might need to take. It might not mean much in the beginning, but if you have a lot of products on your line up, a simple organization will help you streamline the process. This will also help a lot of you’re using natural light. You should also take the time to line up all the tools you’re going to need. Make sure everything you require is within your reach and accessible but also out of your way. If you make a way out of this, you can focus more on taking your beautiful pictures.

The Camera
We have all seen the pictures of professional photographers and their intimidating and expensive looking set ups. The good news is that taking beautiful pictures do not have to cost so much these days. Some of the newer smartphones have cameras that are enough for your needs. However, if you’re budget allows it, you can buy even a basic DSLR and it would be enough. If you’re using a DLSR, use the Auto White Balance function. On your smartphone, turn off any filters and you’re good to go. Some of the best product photographers recommend f/8 as your aperture, keeping your ISO as low as possible (with considering your light source. The slower the shutter speed, the better colors your camera produces. So make sure your camera is stable by using a tripod.

Your White Backdrop

white background

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Most of the time professional product photography will be completed by the commercial photographers. As a result, professional product photographers use white backdrops, or a “sweep”, because white reflects light. This helps your camera distinguish your products’ colors more, producing truer and sharper colors. It also makes it easier for you to adjust your camera’s settings. If you can’t afford to buy a “professional sweep”, you can make one for yourself. Just make sure that your sweep is bigger than your biggest product. You can use a plain white blanket or paper. However, if you have to take pictures of a bigger product, you can prop your sweep on the wall with some clamps, or preferably a stand.

Let There Be Light!
Choose your light source wisely. If you have only a few products to take pictures of, you can use natural light. However, you’d have to be time-sensitive as the natural light goes so fast. Position your sweep near the window with the light coming from one side and a reflector (or a white paper) on the direct opposite side of the window. This will minimize any harsh shadows while balancing the lighting on your product. If you’re ready to shell out a few more bucks, and you’re willing to have a permanent studio, then go for artificial lighting. Photography stores have lighting kits that can help you. Or you can set up lamps of equal brilliance on top and the two sides of your product, making sure to keep them lower to the ground to minimize harsh shadows.

Shoot a Variety of Images from Varying Angles!
Fortified with this knowledge, you can now get started. Line up your products and start shooting. But be patient. They may not be perfect right away, but with lots of practice and determination, you will become better. In time, you will see the fruits of all your hard work pay off. Enjoy!

Process Your Picture
While Adobe Photoshop is still the go-to for image editing & retouching service, there are a number of free image manipulation software or even websites that will help you. First off, you have to remove your background. This is why a white sweep is important. It makes image manipulation easier. Your pictures will show a slightly gray background in your pictures. You use a “Pen” tool on your software to select your product and remove the background, replacing it a white background. Save your files as JPG or PNG.

Professional Portrait Retouching Services as per Clients Instructions

Portrait Retouching Services

Professional portrait retouching service is a very important service because the importance of photos has grown greatly in the present time. With the expansion of the internet and social media, people are more visible digitally instead of meeting the same number of people personally. Sharing photos have become a trend and with the easy availability of gadgets and cameras people can capture photos at any time More often than not, people are not able to prepare perfectly for a photograph and the excellent quality of today’s cameras captures their portraits in much more detail than before. The digital photos display many flaws and irrelevant features of a person which would have otherwise gone unnoticed. While communicating face to face people look more for the character and emotions in a person instead of simply judging their looks. People can know more about cheap retouching services through this article for editing their photos in the best manner.

People should remember that retouching photos include enhancing them to make them look better instead of misguiding the viewer. Many photos are retouched through radical measures which make them look distorted or often disguises the true subject into someone else. People are wanting to know about techniques to edit their photos for a portfolio or for a modeling job which requires drastic changes should consider using photo editing techniques instead of photo retouching.

professional body shaping services

Some people may be against photo retouching or alteration to photos at all; they believe in showing the art in an unaltered form while some people may support photo editing to such an extent that it makes the subject look completely different. The true skill of photo retouching lies in changing the portrait according to its type and purpose.

Many times the pose of the subject is wrong in a portrait or the highlighted areas may be undesired. Other than that the vivid lenses found in today’s cameras capture more detail than required, this exposes every tiny flaw that would have been unnoticeable to a normal eye in a face to face situation.

People should work on photos using different layers. This gives a non-destructive approach to the photos. Naming the layers for the purpose they fulfill is a great way to retrace or edit the previous changes made to a photo. Almost every photo editing software including Photoshop. Gimp etc. come with this feature.

Think to do for Professional Portrait Retouching Services

digital headshot retouching serviceOur professional photo retouching services are a great deal of studying to determine the areas that need to be removed along with the areas that need to be made less prominent. While several freckles, scars, stray strands of hair, flaked skin need to be removed entirely, others need to be made a bit less visible so that the subject does not look silly with a baby skin and plastic like features. A feature known as “healing” in Photoshop functions through a paintbrush which takes a part of skin or background from the photo as its paint color. Healing is done in two layers; the first layer consists of the changes which need features to be removed permanently from the portrait. This can be done using varying brush sizes according to the precision required. The second layer also carries out the same changes, but it is made opaque by a good amount to let the original features be visible slightly. This gives the portrait a more real feel.

Sometimes different parts of the face need to be adjusted accordingly; this requires some layers to be created for editing each part. The layers can be altered in their opacity to make the changes more or less visible. The colors and brightness of the environment may also be sometimes unfavorable as compared to the photograph, but this can be changed by adjusting the hues and saturation of colors in a photo. Our cheap retouching services are affordable and very effective for professional work.

Some different factors also come into consideration while retouching photographs. These factors include retouching other parts of the body to match the face, adjusting the sharpness of the photograph, etc. Thus, with the proper skills and knowledge portraits can be made to look wonderful while keeping them realistic and genuine. Try our FREE Trial offer today for your professional portrait photo retouching services.

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How to Create Manual Clipping Path and 6 Facts about Clipping Path Services

How to Create Manual Clipping Path in Photoshop

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  • best clipping path services
  • Photoshop clipping path services
  • Multiple Path Services
  • Super Complex Clipping Path Service

We provide the best Photoshop clipping path service with the best graphical manipulations and best affordable price you can have. Our expert photo editors assures you the best awesome outlook of your image, contact us ASAP for a tree trial process and check the result and difference with your own eyes. E-commerce/Online Store, Commercial Photographers and many more promoting their products can be benefited with the help of Photoshop deep etch services.
♦ Photoshop clipping path can be used to change a background of a product image with a brand new look than ever before, giving a more elegant and professional look to the product.
♦ Photoshop clipping path can be used to enhance the true colors of any object individually and reveal a complete new look.
♦ Clothing companies and garments business companies can make great use of our service for the ghost mannequin process, where it helps in extracting the cloth from the dummy doll and showcase it with a beautiful professional look for their business.
♦ Using pen tool it is possible to select individual garment accessories and change the color of each fabric for showcasing there product in magazines and various other place.
♦ Complex clipping path can reveal the simplicity of a product, example a bicycle can be too complicated to extract out, but it is possible to extract each individual portion differently with the help of multiple clipping paths.
♦ Specific changes and modification of objects is also possible by using Photoshop clipping path.

Photoshop clipping path services by Image Editing HQ

Simple Clipping Path

image background removal services

This service is used for simple objects like bottles, box, caps and etc. This process does not take much time to edit, as the edges are easy and smooth, so it takes less amount of time to edit any simple object.

Complex Clipping Path

Photoshop Clipping Path Service Company
This procedure is applied when the object or the image has any pointed or curvy ends.

Super Complex Clipping Path

best clipping path service
This  service is really complicated and take much more long time than Simple/Complex Clipping path, as it deals with complex image like Brush, Jewelry items, Heavy Machinery and etc.

Multiple Path Services

jewlery multipath services

This process is used to clip out or select multiple portion of an image and edit it later as per requirement. This is also a long time processing to deal with. This process also helps in dividing individual section and editing specific ones that needs editing.


Why Awesome Photoshop clipping path services?
Photoshop clipping path is a very powerful editing process; clipping path using Photoshop can be very handy to edit an image with various graphics manipulations. Photoshop clipping path allows a graphics designer to process many other options like background cutout service, extracting a portion of an image or an object from an image and many more photo enhancing facilities.   Promoting of products are very easy after you process the image by clipping it out and tweaking the changes needed, it beautifies the product image to a more professional outlook and eye catching view.

Who Needs Image cropping service?
♦ Amazo, eBay, Shopify, Ecommerce Owners/Online Store Owners to Remove the Background
♦ Commercial Photographers to Change the Background
♦ Product Photographers
♦ Sports, Headshot Photographers

Photoshop clipping path service can be time consuming for people with no graphics designing knowledge, don’t be worried, our clipping path expertise are here to help you with your image editing process. Call for action now and get a free a trial service to check the outlook of your image.