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  • headshot retouching services

Major Editing for Professional Headshot Retouching Services:

1. Whites of the eyes should be white, but not overly white.
2. Sharpen the eyes.
3. Red eye removal

1. Remove any blemishes.
2. Remove or reduce moles or individual freckles.
3. Remove or reduce wrinkles.
4. Remove dark circles under eyes.
5. Remove veins in the arms, wrists, hands, and feet.
6. Pimples removal

Mouth and Lips:
1. Remove any yellowing on teeth
2. Brighten teeth.
3. Clean up lips (spillover, lip liner, smudges, etc.)

1. Remove stray hairs.
2. Remove strands that appear over skin.
3. Fill any gaps in hair
4. Add highlights to hair.

1. Reduce any double chin or jowls.
2. Subject need slimming (if require)?
3. Are there any distracting armpit wrinkles or any pit fat that needs reducing?
4. Smooth and straighten clothing.

Background removal is a common service of digital headshot retouching.

digital headshot retouching services

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